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2007-01-03: GISWidgets SVN available.

The GISWidgets Subversion repository will be filled with the current state of the project.

The source code is identical to the one hosted on the old GeoWidgets SVN, with a few exceptions:

  • The project packages have been renamed to org.giswidgets

  • The file headers have been updated

  • The documentation has been updated and extended to include the latest finished widgets

  • The styling widget is further grown (but still far from maturity)

This is the most up-to-date code base (and the only current one until there is another milestone).

2007-01-02: GISWidgets - successor of GeoWidgets.

The new GISWidgets project, hosted on SourceForge, continues the work previously done on GeoWidgets. This renaming became necessary because of a name conflict with a commercial GIS library. The intend and license of the project have not changed.

The project's source code will be transferred to the GISWidgets SVN over the next days. Then work will continue on a new Swing-based styling widget, which will be the focal point for the next milestone (1.0.M2)

Please note that the GeoWidgets project will be "closed" once the GISWidgets project is running fine and all interested parties have been notified.

GeoWidgets will work closely together with GeoTools, so work in GeoWidgets will often mean work on GeoTools too. Should you be interested in joining the project, just subscribe the GeoTools developer list, introduce yourself there and see what you can do. There is currently not yet a separate mailing list for GISWidgets, but SourceForge offers a tracker allowing you to submit bugs and wishes.


Create a set of Java widgets for GIS applications based on GeoTools. This includes widgets like map pane, legend, styling dialogs and coordinate system selection dialogs. Widgets shall be available for several UI toolkits such as Swing and SWT, but shall share a common framework. The framework includes localization support, logging support, user input validation, UI customization and more.

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